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Bits n Bytes


Welcome to Bits n Bytes.

Bits n Bytes is the place to know and see whats new in the group and/or anywhere else.

This video documentary describes current and new ways where robots are getting smarter, but still not as smart as an infant.

The documentary is long, approx 50 min, but it is well worth watching.

The video is from 2003 and was entitled robo sapiens, don't get it mixed up with the toy.

Zane, come down from Japan, bringing with him a wad of Japanese robot magazines.

Zane and his group would like to start a store front for our group, and so he asked us what sort of bits we'd like to see to start the store front with.

Zane managed to get a few ideas from the group, even though we were speaking geek talk with him. His company website is and his email is zane at

Mr. Torimoto challegenged a Solid Works designer at designing a robot model in 3D as fast as possible.

Its an ad that aims to prove that with the right tools you can design just about anything in a very short space of time.

Brody found this neat gadget, that many men have long since desired, a robot that gets a beer out of the fridge and throws it to you while you're watching the big game.

Just check out this website, and you can build one too.

Beer launching mini fridge

Your robot isn't just limited by electricity.

Have you ever tried steam?

Well this guy did, check it out!

He has made some very unusual creatures all powered by steam.

Crabfu is the name of the designer and has a website of other steam powered "robots"

During a fun night discussing robots and plotters, Keith found by chance this place in Switzeraland that has some very fascinating exibits that are more artistic than scientific.

Down side is that the website is in a foreign language, but the videos are amazing.

If you have the time available, just download and view these wonderful pieces of "art".

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